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Would you like a proven system for healing your injuries and preventing re-injury by increasing strength and flexibility?

Our 3,000-square-foot rehabilitation center houses ONLY the best equipment, designed to help you heal from injury, and prevent re-injury.

Our Office Offers:

Spine and Extremity Strengthening

Based on decades of research and clinical study, our Spine and Extremity Strengthening Rehabilitation Program is a tested, proven treatment for chronic and recurring spine-related pain, as well as pain in other joints like knees, shoulders and wrists. It is designed to strengthen the muscles that stabilize the spine and extremities in a specific, progressive, and intensive manner under the direct supervision of a trained professional.

Postural Restoration

Posture is far more important than most people realize. Poor posture can cause a variety of problems throughout your entire body including headaches, breathing problems, and pain in your neck, back, shoulders, knees, hips and ankles. The longer you neglect postural problems, the more the body adapts to unhealthy positioning, and the more difficult it becomes to correct. Over time, poor posture can result in permanent spinal changes such as degenerative joint disease. Postural restoration utilizes a combination of chiropractic adjustments, spinal strengthening, rehabilitation, specific stretches and soft tissue therapy to bring the body into a more neutral and natural position. This relieves stress on the affected structures.

Core Conditioning and Stabilization

Core Conditioning and Stabilization training teaches your body how to function better - through improved strength, balance, coordination and postural awareness. This treatment emphasizes increased strength, flexibility, and endurance in the spine, hips and pelvis, ankles and shoulder girdle. It also helps correct postural imbalances.

Area-Specific Injury Rehabilitation

In many cases, symptoms of an injury can persist long after the injury heals. You may experience pain, stiffness, aching and weakness for years after your original injury. Worse, you risk the symptoms becoming a chronic condition. For example, chronic low back pain resulting from an injury can plague you for the rest of your life, and can even become debilitating. The key to avoiding and preventing chronic spinal conditions – which may in turn affect other parts of your body like your hips, knees, ankles, shoulders and wrists – is undergoing spinal adjustments as well as rehabilitating muscles, tendons and ligaments before they weaken and stiffen, becoming unstable and atrophied.

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