Chiropractic Services in Monroe

Here at Lahman Chiropractic, we have many different services to fit a patient’s needs. Whether you have a specific area of trouble or you’re looking for overall wellness in Monroe, we are here to help. We treat each patient based on their specific needs.

History and Chiropractic Examination

We take the time to find out about you and understand what is specifically happening in your body. A thorough history and chiropractic exam detailing your current complaint(s) is important to help us determine the problem(s) and how chiropractic care can help.

Digital Imaging (X-Rays) and Report of Findings

To provide an additional layer of detail, the doctor will perform digital x-rays, to help analyze a patient’s medical condition(s). We will schedule a report of findings, when the doctor can explain his findings and answer any questions you might have. If we feel we can help, the doctor will make recommendations for treatment. If we do not feel you are a candidate for chiropractic care, we discuss other options, and refer you out to another professional.

Spinal Manipulation

A gentle adjustment may be performed to the spine using different techniques. Some techniques we utilize are Gonstead, Thompson Drop, Diversified and Arthrostim. Chiropractic adjustments reduce pain, increase movement and improve performance. We are here to help and make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

E-Stim: Electrical muscle stimulation therapy (E-stim) creates steady electric impulses that stimulate muscle contractions. This can be effective in increasing circulation to the affected area, improving strength for weakened muscles and improving range of motion and mobility.

Chiropractic Monroe WI Medical LaserMLS Laser Therapy: Click here to learn more about Medical Laser Therapy Science - Cutting Edge Lasers

Flexion Distraction: This technique is performed using a special table that encourages proper spinal rotation. While the patient is lying face down the pivots of the table operate in a gentle rhythm to add relaxation and spinal movement. Both techniques together allow pressure to leave the spinal area and the discs. Well researched, flexion distraction has been shown to help patients with pain associated with Arthritis, Sciatica Scoliosis, Spinal stenosis, Lumbar disc injuries, low back stiffness and many other issues.

Intersegmental Traction (Roller Table): While the patient is lying face up, a roller below the surface of the table rolls up and down along the spine in a fluid motion. Intersegmental Traction helps restore elasticity to muscles supporting the spine. This helps break up adhesions and scar tissue, making your chiropractic adjustments more effective. It helps decompress the spine and coupled with an adjustment, provides long term relief.

Trigger Point and ART: Trigger Point is a technique focusing on nodules that can cause local pain and radiating pain. Active Release Technique (ART) is a method of relieving tension and excess tightness in soft tissue, ligaments, fascia and nerves. Although different, they both can help alleviate achiness, numbness, tingling and burning sensations associated with muscle strain and overuse. Some conditions that can be treated include Muscle strain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Flexibility and Balance, among others.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)- A form of manual therapy used to provide soft tissue mobilization. IASTM is a popular treatment for myofascial restriction. The doctor or therapist utilizes a tool on muscle knots or restrictions, in a scrapping fashion. The process can help break up scar tissue, adhesions, increase circulation and blood flow and increase soft tissue restrictions and decrease muscle spasm.

New and old patients always remark how “thorough” our doctors are. We often hear, “no one has ever explained that to me before.” As a patient, you will leave knowing what Chiropractic is and how our many services can help you. We pride ourselves on making your chiropractic experience at our office an enjoyable one! If you have questions give us a call today!


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