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Monroe Chiropractor Describes Stretching

Monroe Chiropractic Describes Stretching Keeping your muscles, tendons, and ligaments flexible through regular stretching is an important, but an often-ignored piece of the overall health puzzle. Many people find stretching to be time consuming and boring, but it helps prevent scores of different injuries and has an anti-aging effect on the body. We see many…

Exercise Smarter in Monroe

Exercise Smarter in Monroe Who in Monroe doesn’t take pride in working hard and reaching their goals?  Regardless of the situation, it is human nature to enjoy the accolades that come with seeing results. In this day and age however, it is almost as though just reaching goals is not enough.  We have to reach…

Buddy race champ in Monroe WI

Monroe Wiener Dog Races

Monroe Wiener Dog Races RUNNING OF THE WIENERS 2014 Monroe’s First annual Wiener Dog Races was held on September 20 at the YMCA and was a great success! ” Top Dog ” was Buddy, who competed in the final heat with other finalists Copper, Frannie, Walle, and Rosi.  

spine square in Monroe WI

Cheese Days 2014

Cheese Days 2014 Guerin Chiropractic participated in the years Cheese Days Festival on Sunday September 21, with a Giant Spine, in conjunction with Family Promise and Paw Prints of Monroe.